Missions Serving Within FLCS

Sunday Mornings

Ushers - Tom Strachan 

Ushers are the hosts for the worship service. They can be older children, teens or adults.


1.    Prepare the sanctuary for the service: be sure everything necessary for the offering and communion are in their appropriate places. Talk with the Pastor to see if there is anything special occurring during the service that requires an usher’s assistance. 

2.    Pass out worship bulletins. 

3.    Identify visitors; welcome visitors and current members alike. 

4.    Count the numbers of attendees at the service. 

5.    Assist in the offering collection and communion (depending on the worship service). 

6.    Collect the pew registration after the service ends and put together with the attendance form, remove the offering from the Altar. 

 7.    Remove any debris in the pews to prepare the sanctuary for the next worship service.

8.    Assist the Greeters and Welcome Center Staff if needed and time permits.


Greeters - Marilyn Horsey

Greeters are outgoing, friendly church members of any age who warmly greet everyone at the front door as they enter the church.


1.    Greet everyone.

2.    Identify visitors and remember their name (s). Quickly determine what assistance a visitor may need and involve other members of the Greeter Ministry Team as necessary.

3.    Assist the staff at the Welcome Center if needed and time allows


Welcome Center Staff - Jill Chipps

WCS are outgoing, teenage or adult members of the congregation who provide information at the Welcome Center

Welcome Center provides:    

1.    Give visitors directions to whatever part of the church they need to reach.

2.    Answer questions visitors may have about church worship service times programs, up-coming events. Give them a Welcome Packet containing information about the church.

3.    Encourage visitors to participate in the coffee hour before or after their worship service.

4.    Introduce visitors to members of FLC you know of similar age or interest.

5.    Answer our member’s questions about church programs and up-coming events.

6.    Assist the Greeters at the front door if needed and time permits.




Chancel Choir - Gary Pinter

Members practice on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 for ninety minutes and sing at the 9:30 am Sunday Joyful Liturgical Worship Service.

The Choir also sings at special services, including Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services

(You are welcome to attend any rehearsal without notice or audition.)


Bell Choir - Barb Porter

FLCS is privileged to have five octaves of both bells and hand chimes to offer as a form of  musical expression during the worship service.  Persons interested in playing are always needed and welcome.  Our desire is to ring once per month from October - May.  Ninety minute rehearsals are held Thursday evenings.  9th graders through "Seniors" are most welcome!


Parish Arts Ministry - Gary Pinter

Members select musical events for the Parish Arts Series each year, coordinate all events, prepare the yearly brochure, publicize events and send out mailings.

Members are also needed to usher, greet, take the offering, direct parking, handle lighting and sound, prepare refreshments, and clean-up.



Altar Guild - MaryDee Raabe  

Our mission and purpose is to assist in the care and maintenance of the Altar and Chancel and to prepare Communion for each service as needed.   We care for all the permanents and linens, assure we have supplies needed for Communion, and arrange for flowers for the Altar on Sundays and special holidays of Christmas and Easter. 

Altar Duty is on a voluntary basis for a month period and usually with a partner.  If you find you cannot be there on a particular Saturday or Sunday, other members can be contacted to "trade" a weekend.  We've never had a problem getting someone to help out.  We have a super group of members. 

Currently all our members are women, but many husbands help out also and although they are not official, they could probably take care of setting up by themselves - they are wonderful.  We would welcome male members if they would like to serve in this way. 

We definitely train new members and pair them with an "experienced" member who can guide them and help them learn the procedures.  We have a good manual with instructions and diagrams to remind us exactly what to do and where things go. 

The two members on Altar duty arrive at an agreed upon time, usually Saturday morning, and:

     * Assure the Chancel area is clean 

     * Assure the proper Parament is on the Altar

     * Prepare Communion for Sunday services

     * Put delivered flowers on the flower stand

     * Keep the Sacristy area (the room behind the Chancel area) clean, neat and

     * Review inventories

On Sunday between and after services, we reset the Altar for Communion for the next service and clean-up after the last service.


Project Connect Ministry - Bev Fischer

Project Connect is a booklet ministry program of Lutheran Hour Ministries that provides our congregation an additional means of guidance and support to visitors, members, or others in our community. They are always available for pickup next to our Welcome Center.

Project Connect addresses a wide variety of topics, offering booklets that connect God's Word to real-life issues. Project Connect is effective, affordable and simple to maintain. In fact, it's one ministry outreach that can sustain itself. There are over 50 topical booklets available for resources, which get changed in our carousel as needed.


Pew Workers - Jan Seymour

This group of individuals that walks the pews once a week checking and replacing the supplies, checking the Attendance Books, straightening the Bibles, and removing any leftover trash and bulletins. These tasks help keep our Sunday morning worship service running smoothly.


Church Signage


Cradle Roll Ministry - Bev Fischer

Cradle Roll is a birth to three years old faith formation resource. 

The packets come for three different age groups: 

   1-12 months of age 

   13-24 months of age 

   25-36 months of age 

Each packet, called Splash!, comes with 12 monthly newsletters for parents and a Sleepy Time Tunes music CD which is age appropriate.

 Who receives a Splash! packet?    An infant in our church whether they are baptized or not, or in our community, or for grandchildren of church members who do not attend our church. 

Why send Splash! packet?   To help young children grow in faith form an early age; Connect churches to families for support and encouragement; Provide fun and easy ideas for bringing faith into everyday life of infants and their families.  

Greeting cards are also sent to welcome a newborn baby, for a baptism, and for birthdays through 3 yrs of age.


New Member Activities


Connections Ministry - Kim Hornyak

This is a new ministry name with an old ministry plan. We currently offer new member classes throughout the year. Additionally, we hope to offer specific fellowship opportunities for the whole congregation in order to connect the new members with our faith family and to introduce them to all the ministries at FLCS.



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